Hijabs & Islamic Scarves

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Islam Fashion Sells Hijabs & Islamic Scarves Online For Shipment In U.S.

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Islam Fashion is a leading NYC retailer of Islamic fashions for women and men. We sell hijabs online, as well as abaya, jilbabs, perfumes, Islamic books, prayer rugs and womens accessories.

Islam Fashion is a leading NYC retailers of Islamic clothing as well as other Islamic products such as perfumes, creams and incense, so we provide our customers with both a wide selection of Islamic products at competitive prices.

The cotton hijab shown in the photo to the right is an all season, all day hijab that can be worn for all day / every day occasions. See our accessories section for hijab pins and hair pins.



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Islamic Fashions & Islamic Clothing For Sale Online

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Hijabs – Traditional Islamic Scarves

Islamic scarves, or hijabs, have been the traditional head coverings of Islamic women for centuries.  Islamic scarves provide great comfort and modesty for the woman wearing them, in accordance with Islamic culture.  Embroidered hijabs, as well as plain hijabs, are sold by Islam Fashion. Islam Fashion hijabs are of a high quality, come in many colors and come with classic designs.


Islamic Fashions At Competitive Prices

Islam Fashion hijabs are hand selected from some of the leading scarf makers throughout the Middle East.  We travel through the many countries of the Middle East annually, looking for competitively priced, quality hijabs and other Islamic clothing for the modern American Islamic woman.


Buy Hijabs & Other Islamic Clothing For All Occasions

Our selection of hijabs includes modest traditional black hijabs as well as colorful and embroidered / decoratively designed hijabs. Islam Fashion hijabs may be worn as everyday wear and for special occasions.


Islamic Scarves - Hijabs Made In / Imported From The Middle East

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Our hijabs are generally made of cotton, although sometimes we include fabric blends as well.  The natural cotton fabric allows the garment to breathe, and the additional blends provide you with stretch for comfort. Islam Fashion hijabs may be worn in all seasons.


Our hijabs are primarily made in Egypt, Jordan and Dubai.  But we roam the Middle East in search of quality providers at the best prices, and sometimes buy our clothing from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and India.  Our goal is to find you beautiful hijabs for some of the most competitive prices in the world.


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Wide Selection of Muslim Scarves Available Online

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At Islam Fashion we sell a wide selection of contemporary and traditional Islamic scarves both online as well as in our Brooklyn and Queens New York City stores.  On this Islamic clothing website you can browse through a wide selection of hijabs from all over the Middle East right from the convenience of your home or office. 

And if you live in the New York City vicinity, or visit NYC, we welcome you to visit our Islamic clothing stores, full of fashionable Islamic clothing and located in the hearts of Queens and Brooklyn [see the About section of this site for maps and details]. 



Islam Fashion Is A Leading NYC Retailer

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Islam Fashion is one of the leading NYC retailers of Islamic clothing. We sell scarves and hijabs over the internet for some of the best prices you can find on the web.  Our quality hijabs provide some of the best value for the money you’ll find either online or offline.


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